It is our intention to make the Judaic art by
Internationally Recognized Artist Marlene Burns,
available through fine art reproduction.

Avinu Malkeinu

36"x 36" mixed media, gallery wrapped

Kavanah Press was created by Ken Mirman and Marlene Burns to meet the needs
and desires of those following Marlene's career and exceptional body of work.

In our challenging economy, fine art reproductions are an affordable way
 to own and share
the expressive work that Marlene continues to produce.
  Ken's extensive background in all facets of the printing industry,
 provides  the perfect pairing for the production of quality fine art products.

  The Judaic series, based on Hebrew prayers, merges Marlene's passions

 for both Judaism and abstract painting. She prepares by studying a
specific prayer and then sings or chants it throughout the painting process.
Her expressions of the ancient liturgy are revealed.

  Kavanah Press is pleased to present an offering of  twenty three
images including psalms, prayers, holidays and proverbs.
 Use the Judaic  Series tab to view these images, complete with translations
and Marlene's interpretation and expression of each prayer. 

We think you will agree that the kavanah, the intention with which Marlene
 approaches each prayer, matches the intention with which she creates.

                                              ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO MARLENE BURNS © 2009- 2014
                                                          REPRODUCTION ALLOWED ONLY WITH EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION